05133 Train Running Status

To check 05133 train running status on Trainspnrstatus, you need to fill above form. At the top of the page you will find that selection form. You will have to select your journey station and journey date in the form. Suppose for train number 05133 ARJ JNU Special, you are starting your journey from Yadvendranagar today. Then you will select Yadvendranagar as your journey station and journey date as 'today'. Finally hit 'Get Running Status' button. Wait for few seconds and a detailed page with 05133 live status containing 05133 last location information will be opened.

Questions related to 05133 train running status

ARJ JNU Special

Train number 05133 ARJ JNU Special is a PASSENGER SPECIAL that runs between Aunrihar Jn and Jaunpur Jn. It covers total journey of 60 kilometer and reaches its destination on day 1. It departs from Aunrihar Jn at 07:45 and arrives Jaunpur Jn at 09:15 on first day. 05133 ARJ JNU PASSENGER SPECIAL has total 9 stopping stations in its route including both source and destination stations.

Which are the journey stations for 05133?

The 9 stations for which 05133 running status is checked are Aunrihar Junction, Faridaha, Dudhaunda, Dodhi, Kirakat, Gangauli, Muftiganj, Yadvendranagar, Jaunpur Junction.

What important informations are provided in 05133 live train status?

Information such as the last location of 05133 ARJ JNU Special, the actual and expected arrival time of 05133, actual and expected departure time of ARJ JNU Special, delay in arrival/departure at journey station etc are provided.

Is train number 05133 ARJ JNU Special cancelled today?

By using the form on the top, check the train running status of 05133 for your journey station to find if train 05133, is cancelled or not.

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