54822 MKN PBC PASSENGER Running Status, Route and Schedule

Running Days
Arr / DepDist
1Makrana Jn (MKN)
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

0 Km
2Parvatsar City (PBC)
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
21 Km
  • Train number 54822 MKN PBC PASSENGER is a PASSENGER that runs between Makrana Jn and Parvatsar City. It covers total journey of 21 kilometer and reaches its destination on day 1. It departs from Makrana Jn at 09:15 and arrives Parvatsar City at 10:15 on first day. 54822 MKN PBC PASSENGER has total 2 stopping stations in its route including both source and destination stations.

  • Running Status of 54822 MKN PBC PASSENGER: For live train status use selection form given at top of the page. Select your journey station and journey date and hit Get Running Status button. For example: If you are waiting for your train at Makrana Jn railway station and your date of journey as printed on your ticket is of today. You will select your journey station as 'Makrana Jn' and journey date as 'Today'.
  • 54822 Route: Go through the table given above to check scheduled route time table of Makrana Parvatsar City Passenger.