03498 RJL TPH Special Train Time Table

Rajmahal Tinpahar Junction   Passenger Special
Travel Time:  00 Hrs 25 Mins
Runs:  daily


0 Km
Day 1

Tinpahar Junction
11 Km
Day 1

03498 RJL TPH Special is a PASSENGER SPECIAL train run by Indian railways between Rajmahal (RJL) and Tinpahar Jn (TPH) stations. It uniquely identifies itself with train number 03498. At the top of the page, one can find the 03498 train route and the 03498 train time table. It departs from the source station Rajmahal (RJL) at 17:10 on day 1 and reaches its destination station Tinpahar Jn (TPH) at 17:35 on day 1. It runs Daily from the source station and covers a total journey of 11 kilometre. 03498 train route includes travel journey through 2 stations, and it has stoppages on Rajmahal, Tinpahar Jn.

03498 RJL TPH Special Stops

If we closely look at the 03498 train time table, travelling by 03498 RJL TPH Special gives us a chance to explore the following cities in a quick view as they come along the route.

1. Rajmahal

It is the 1st station in the train route of 03498 RJL TPH Special. The station code of Rajmahal is RJL. The departure time of train 03498 from Rajmahal is 17:10. The next stopping station is Tinpahar Jn at a distance of 11km.

2. Tinpahar Jn

It is the 2nd station in the train route of 03498 RJL TPH Special at a distance of 11 Km from the source station Rajmahal. The station code of Tinpahar Jn is TPH. The arrival time of 03498 at Tinpahar Jn is 17:35. The previous stopping station, Rajmahal is 11km away.

03498 RJL TPH Special FAQs

Q. Where can I find the train running status of 03498 RJL TPH Special?

Trainspnrstatus is one of the best website for checking trains running status. You can find the 03498 RJL TPH Special running status here.

Q. Where can I check the pnr status of 03498 RJL TPH Special online?

Trainspnrstatus is one stop best portal for checking pnr status. You can find the 03498 RJL TPH Special IRCTC and Indian Railways PNR status here. All you have to do is to enter your 10 digit PNR number in the form. PNR number is printed on the IRCTC ticket.

Q. What is the train number of RJL TPH Special?

Train number of RJL TPH Special is 03498. You can check entire RJL TPH Special train schedule here. with important details like arrival and departure time.

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